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Meet the guys behind The Builder

Years of experience running a golf cart dealership while building websites on the side has given us the ability to create this unqiue product. We are streamlining the way that golf cart dealers are selling their used golf carts and running their businesses.

Welcome to
the Used Golf Cart Builder

After years of learning web design, Mark decided it was time to move on from Isle Golf Cars and start his own company, Websites Made With Love, doing web design and online ad campaigns for local businesses. Early in 2019, he was given the challenge of seeing if he could build and design a Used Golf Cart Builder Website, much like a new car website works, to make it easier for customers and the sales staff. Well…challenge accepted.

Mark began assembling a team as he brought in Alex from Dorse Media House as the Lead Photographer and Tom Alexander as our Photoshop expert to work on this project and it has been a successful collaboration of skills. We look forward to building many more of these awesome tools for dealers all across Canada and North America.

Photoshop Experts
Our team uses only the best tools and software available, that’s why we prefer Adobe Photoshop. We couldn’t make the magic happen without Photoshop, we love it.
WordPress Ninjas
We love building websites in WordPress due to their simplicity, durability, and wide range of plugins. Also, this way you can buy The Builder and still keep your existing website.
Made in Canada

We are just a bunch of regular dudes that happen to live in the best place in Canada: Vancouver Island, BC. But we also like to travel so don’t worry, we can come to you.

Maintenance & Support
We don’t just build it and sell it. We have to help take care of it, because a website is kind of like a living, breathing thing. It needs constant love and support. It’s just what we do.

Mark Beuerman

Web Design & Development

Our Story

Mark spent the past 10 years working at Isle Golf Cars and back in 2013 he began learning how to build websites as a side gig. His unique skillset and understanding of the golf cart sales process along with his web development skills has allowed him to create and develop this special product.

Alex Stickel


What we do

We offer fully customized build-your-own used golf cart websites specifically for Club Car golf cart dealers. Our image library currently only consists of used Club Car files but we are eager to come and take photos of your EZ-GO or Yamaha’s, if that’s what you sell.

Tom Alexander

Photoshop Editor

Where we go

We can fly all over North America, to you, to get the images we need. Then we fly back to the island to do our editing before we can build and complete the website. The end result is your own unique, one-of-a-kind used golf cart builder. Pretty cool, eh?

Let’s have a talk together

If you are interested in learning more about how the Used Golf Cart Builder website can work for you and your golf cart dealership, please call us at (250) 240-5641 or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Home Base

Parksville, BC