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Let’s customize your very own Builder

We do photoshoots to get the images we need to make your builder customized to your accessories. We can travel anywhere in Canada so that your builder’s accurate.

Our Experience

It’s the unique background of having someone with web designer experience and years of working at a golf cart dealership, that makes working with us so special. You won’t have to explain what a ball & club washer is or why a club protector doesn’t fit a cart with a rear seat kit, because we already know.

Our Philosophy

We wanted to create a tool that could really benefit the way a golf cart dealership operates. Not only that, but we wanted to help customers become more educated on the available options for used golf carts, thus saving time spent at the dealership. Hence, the Builder was born.


Advanced Services

There are some extra capabilities available in The Builder that are not currently in use, so learn more about them below.

Front & Rear View

Want to see the back end of the golf cart? So do we, so let’s build that in.

Add to Cart

Want users to be able to purchase their used cart online? We can do that.

Style Options

There are several different looks to choose from, to set your dealership apart.

Custom Analytics

Data is king. We get it. So, we can get nerdy with the reporting for you, too.

From the idea to a full online experience

The challenge was simple, yet daunting.
Could we build a custom golf cart configurator for used golf carts to help solve the dealerships main challenge: getting rid of all the used inventory, one golf cart at a time? Well, it was daunting at first, but not anymore. Now, we’re the experts.

Customer Support

We wont just leave you and your Builder, we’re always here to help.

Annual Updates

We will work with our dealers to provide solutions to staying up to date.

Maintenance & Security

We offer all-in-one plans to ensure that your investment is protected.

Say Hello

Working at a Club Car dealership for over ten years makes it easy to talk to us. Get in touch if you’re interested in talking about what we can do for your dealership.
We think we can help.


Parksville, BC
+1 (250) 240-5641