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Isle Golf Cars – “Mark, can you build something like this?”

Project Details

Client Name
Isle Golf Cars Inc.
Used Club Car Builder
Beta Launch in March 2019

One of the major challenges at most golf car dealerships like Isle Golf Cars is getting rid of its used golf cart inventory annually. While trade ins provide an opportunity for sales profit for the dealership, the time it takes to sell each golf cart one by one, is excruciatingly high given the relatively low profit margins. And yes, you can find homes for groups at the lower end golf courses but that still leaves you with lots. We truly realize the major flaw in this side of the business, so we set out to create a solution.

If only there was a way to educate our customers on all the endless available accessory customizations that they can make to their used golf cart? Enter, the Used Golf Cart Builder.

Ron, the Owner/President of Isle Golf Cars Inc. wanted a page on his website where users could easily see all the available options so they could educate themselves. This would allow them to have a better idea of what they wanted before they came into the dealership to talk to a salesperson. The goal is two-fold: save time for the dealership and create a better customer experience.

On-Site Photoshoot

Men installing seats on to used Club Car golf cart for photo shoot
Man installing rear seat kit on to Club Car used golf cart for photoshoot
Men installing seats on to used Club Car golf cart for photo shoot


Finding a Software Solution

The first step was to see what was out there in the market to help us build a page like this. There are few options but we found a suitable option that works well with two very popular platforms in WordPress and Woo Commerce. 


Production Planning

Next came the all important task of planning for the photoshoot. We needed to have the right set/backdrop and lighting to boot. Then we needed to have an options list in place, all the options ready to go so that there was little time wasted in between photos. Lastly, we needed some capable bodies and all the tools required to change the accessories quickly, as we needed for our shots.

  • Backdrop/Set

  • Additional Lighting

  • Accessories Ready To Go

  • Tools & Technicians


We took over 6oo pictures over the course of about 14 hours and learned a lot about how to do the next ones even better and more efficiently. We are definitely the experts when it comes to this type of photoshoot.

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