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Pricing Options

For complete pricing details, please contact us at or call (250) 240-5641 for go over available options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to replace my existing website?

No, absolutely not. We designed this as its own stand alone website so it can simply live on its subdomain on your existing (or new) hosting plan.

But, if your website is getting to be like a 10 year old set of Trojan batteries, then it may be time to consider upgrading your website at the same time, that way we can ensure the look of the two are identical.

How do we update the builder when new accessories come out?

Well, we currently have a library of images that are available for your use that are included with your base website. But we may not have the images for your specific accessories therefore limiting the effectiveness of the builder. As we grow our goal is to create simple instructions so that you can hire a local photographer to get the shots that we need to complete your builder.

Does your Builder only work with Club Car?

Yes. At the moment our image library is only full of files for used Club Car Precedents.

However, we are ready and willing to take on projects involving EZ-GO’s and Yamaha’s, if you are.

How do we update the landing page as we buy and sell carts?

We like to make custom training tutorial videos for our dealers so that they can always quickly and easily make simple updates.

For more difficult updates, we are always here and ready to help.